WWE Cover Shop

WWE Cover Shop

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Let's Go Cena By RampaigerQueen Completed

Need a WWE cover?

You may request one here!

I feel as if I'm a decent to good cover maker.

If you don't like the cover I give let me know.

Requests are open for the Holidays

cheekymoxley cheekymoxley Sep 09, 2016
Hi!! If you have time, you don't have to, could I have 
                              Title: Colorful
                              People; john cena and Bayley
                              Template; surprise me
                              Quote/subtitle; none
                              Thank you!
starlight-023 starlight-023 Sep 09, 2016
¿Can you make me one?
                              Name:Future Stories
                              Author Starlight-023
                              People:Sin Cara,Kalisto,Becky Lynch,Sasha Banks and The New Day
                              Quote:No quote
donewith_account donewith_account Oct 25, 2016
Title - My poems 
                              Author - Alyssaasylum 
                              People - Dean Ambrose
                              Temple - u can choose 
                              Mood - Happy or Artistic
ScarsOfPast ScarsOfPast Jan 29
Can you make me?
                              It's about Dean, Paige, Seth and Nikki.
                              The title is, "Reveal" by BaileyKen_13 thanks
variety_girl variety_girl Nov 28, 2016
Title: The Hellhounds
                              Author: Variety_Girl
                              Mood: Badass
                              People: The Shield, Undertaker, Masked Kane
                              Can you put a wolf on it?
                              Thank you so much if you can.
Ashley_Winchester Ashley_Winchester Dec 30, 2016
Title: Unstoppable
                              Quote: "We'll Be Screaming Out, We Can Be Heroes, Everywhere We Go, We Can Have All That We Ever Want."
                              Author: Catie Black WWE
                              People: Seth Rollins and Ashley McMahon (Her portrayer is Leighla Schultz)
                              Template: Surprise Me
                              Mood: party like (with Black Red Blue and Hot Pink)