Konoha's Trust

Konoha's Trust

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Sarah Ta By sarahta1324 Updated Apr 16, 2017

Sequel of Konoha's Loss

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and Temari has a secret they now have to keep. 

After exposing Karin, she was hated by the villages and was the talk of the village, making her hate the girls more and more. 

The boys including Itachi have tried over and over again to try contacting the girls and reason with them, but nothing has worked. Not only that...there is one secret that the girls kept from the village and them, the only person who knows is Tsunade. 

Will the girls ever forgive them?

Will Sasuke move on?

Will the secret be kept a secret any longer?

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HanniepearlAgcaoili3 HanniepearlAgcaoili3 May 15, 2016
Oh what if the other girls got pregnant too then that's awesome!
nutella2225 nutella2225 Jul 06, 2016
Guess what itachi?
                              Saku-chans prego!
                              You broke her heart by siding with karin snob and this is the consequence.
                              Karma is a b****...
AlwaysTisha87 AlwaysTisha87 Jul 29, 2016
Abort "Mission." *Ahem* This probably makes me seem heartless huh?
YanQingXia YanQingXia May 21, 2016
Sarah, just a note. At first the baby will no more that the size of an apple pip, 12-16 weeks the baby bump will appear.
AliceNoSakura AliceNoSakura May 15, 2016
He totally deserves it. GO SAKURA-CHAN!!!!!!!! Scratch that, GO TENTEN HINATA TEMARI INO SAKURA!!! SHOW THEM US GIRLS DON'T ALWAYS NEED A GUY THERE!!! Oh and screw what's her face