The Fire Dragon Prince's Story (Rewrite)

The Fire Dragon Prince's Story (Rewrite)

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Natsu vi Kurosaki By Natsu_vi_Kurosaki Updated Nov 23

AU. When people from the Fairy Tail guild hear the name Natsu Dragneel they feel hate, and disgust. But why would the family/friend driven guild treat their own like trash? What caused all of this to happen? Nothing that's what happened. The Fairy Tail guild only felt jealousy towards the Dragon Prince, which caused them to hate him.


Eventual END!Natsu

Natsu x Harem

I don't own Fairy Tail it belongs to Hiro Mashima

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S530387 S530387 Nov 30
Natsu:oh I’m weak then(hands now on fire) who wants to fight me first haters
Sedashi Sedashi Dec 06
Please, chill... think about the drawbacks of this! She's your most powerful spirit!
Whoa! No need for homophobic language, you naughty boy! (I don't care, really)
EtherKlutz EtherKlutz Apr 19
She didn't join her dream guild.. her dream guild is Fairy Tail, not Fairly Tail..
Firewolf210 Firewolf210 Aug 25, 2016
I don't know why but I love reading ooc natsu stories...  Actually I already think he was a bit to ooc in the anime but whatever, fanfictions are doing a much better job at natsu being ooc.
                              I said ooc a lot.
shadownitro40 shadownitro40 Jun 11, 2016
Soo I like this story but does that mean that Lucy will never be a celestial spirit wizard the way your doing it.