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Avenged_Chick By Avenged_Chick Completed

It all started with rejection .

Okay so hears the deal my name is Avrial and I ran away from my so called pack and my mate that rejected me but now I have to go back my new pack is under attack and there is only 9 of us and we need back up. Now.
 Sure, I'm not super model pretty and I'm not skinny either, I'm determined to get healthy and my mate Derek White hes a player and an ass he rejected me its his fault I ran away well his and my brother they all hate me even my dad liked my brother more  my mom? my mom on the other hand always loved me...yeah too bad she and dad died.

they were killed they were walking and got ran over also I'm not looking forward to going back there expectantly after my mate rejected me and I bet he probably haven't changed since...

you meet Averial now time to hear Derek's side of the story I know I can be an ass some times and some times I take it a bit to far where to start...

ok so I rejected my mate and I have regreted it ever since so what I like to play around that is until I feel a big pain in my chest fourteen days after I rejected her well its no my fault I rejected she fat and ugly..ok just fat

A pack called day break is looking for the strongest protection for there pack so what can I do me being the alpha and all I might as well help them my wolf is telling me I have to or I will regret it...I didn't learn till later that my mate that hates me is in that pack Averial...

Ummm u need to check ur grammar. It doesn't make sense what u wrote and it's hard to tell what ur talking about.
QueenJayC QueenJayC Mar 12
It was amazing 😍
                              But a tip is to separate it into different paragraphs, so people/viewers could comment on a paragraph and not the whole chapter. :) Wish you luck 👍🏻 Have a good rest of the day :) Unless it Night... have a good night then...
savagemaloley savagemaloley Jul 17, 2016
I thought it said the power coming out of his nuts😂😂😂😂
savagemaloley savagemaloley Jul 17, 2016
                              I am do confused with the paragraph mentioning Derek white
daniellagarciaU daniellagarciaU Dec 21, 2016
Bugatti veyron's only have 2 seats 1 for the driver and the other 1 for the passenger
MammaChicken72 MammaChicken72 Aug 11, 2016
That actually made me depressed and I'm a very happy person I hope but know people don't feel like that out there in the world it's really not right