Sympathy || Urban

Sympathy || Urban

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Amaris pov
"Don't you just want to move away from all this shit we got going on?"

Nolan just laughed at her sudden question catching her a bit off guard.

"What's so funny?. You don't think we could move away and do something with our life's"

"Your pops don't like you looking at me. You think he'd let me move out of here with you?"

She remained silent because she new Nolan was right. Her father's name always had a way of appearing into one of their conversations and she hated that

"Why you always got to bring him up?"

"Because with every idea you come up with involves him coming after me" he said and she ended up laughing 

"Stop bringing up these crazy ass ideas and let me enjoy the little time I have left with you. Ya know ya pops Finna be calling you any minute now to ask where you at"

She smiled laying her head back on his chest falling into deep thought

Never did Nolan realize that he and Amaris were meant to be together but what happens when he's not the only one she loves

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MelaxBeauty MelaxBeauty Aug 30
We can't win can we?. We talk back we arguing. We don't talk back we ignoring. Just can't please a soul🤷🏽.
MelaxBeauty MelaxBeauty Aug 30
Bruh. So your going to hammer her knees too since she's always on them?🤔Carry this man to the Church Puhleasee...
sexykk01 sexykk01 Aug 17
I'm mad I wasn't supposed to laugh ‼️😐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I know you not mad especially since you ain’t tell him how you feel 🙄🙄
No don't mess with the girl at the trap. It'll always be drama. 😩