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High School Crush (Dante x Reader)

High School Crush (Dante x Reader)

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soccerkitty7 By soccerkitty7 Updated a day ago

"You know I like you... right?"
"Y-yeah..." I reply awkwardly, "I kinda figured..."
"Do you like me?"
"I..." Do I like Dante? He's nice and sweet at times, but sometimes, he can be a real jerk... a cute jerk... and I'm sure he won't be a jerk forever... "I admit... I like you, jerk."
"Haha, YES!" he pumps his fist adorably and I just crack up. He kisses me on the cheek, but I touch his cheeks and kiss him on the lips. He kisses back, and actually the feeling, isn't bad. It's not bad at all.

For your freshmen year of high school, you and your brother, Travis, are going to Phoenix Drop High! You make a friend right on the first day, but he gets SUPER protective when you earn an admirer: Dante. But when you start to fall in love with Dante, you're forced to choose whether you'd rather be with Dante or your best friend, Laurence. Meanwhile, your old best friend, Sasha, causes you to play cupid when Zenix falls head-over-heels for her. Gene, on the other hand, causes some trouble when he tries to impress his own crush, but the situation gets worse when he discovers who he REALLY is in love with. This takes you through the drama of high school and entering a brand new environment while putting you into some tough situations in which you have to trust your guts that it'll all work out. With your friends and boyfriend at your side, high school should be a piece of cake. Right?

                              Purple at the top pink and red in the middle and orange at the bottom
RianjusssX RianjusssX Jun 04
How can I have my last name if the last name of travis valkrum is?
I keep switching my OCs but one looks like a female Vylad and a female Garroth
- - Dec 25, 2016
"And by the looks of you, you look like a sophomore, which means wise fool in Greek." 
                              1) PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS TRUE!!
                              2) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! XD
I am Emmalyn.
                              Short-ish blonde hair.
                              My glasses have black frames.
                              I am smart.
                              (I think I am normal on that term but my class calls me smart soooo...)
- - Dec 25, 2016
The puberty part was funny. Tbh, I would've said the same thing to Dante.