Locked Up

Locked Up

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Maddie By ibieberbless Updated Nov 27

Teenagers all have one thing in common: their hormones are raging.

Some teenagers can control them, others don't.

Those others being the school's sweetheart Lily Brooks and the bullied nerd Justin Bieber.

They are not as innocent as they look like.

Will they be able to control themselves,

even when they get Locked Up inside the school's locker rooms on a Friday night?

Just by starting to read this, I am tell you're an excellent writer!! Excited to start reading the chapter
xmuvah xmuvah May 18
I would so date him!! Like my baby is so precious wearing glasses and shy Justin is just perfect like what's wrong with these people
No one has ever asked me if I've ever NOT been on time for something. It's always the opposite😂
                              Really though
lmao, my bestfriend did this to some bítch at my school on the last day. she deserved it tho