On Our Own: Seth's Story

On Our Own: Seth's Story

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Annabelle By CaringForNoOne Updated Nov 19, 2011

Seth's life has a taken a turn for the worst. His mother is gone forever, he has no friends, and his dad is a jerk who cares about no one. Just himself.

With a dead mother and empty heart, Seth gains enough courage to break away. Take a shortcut. Run.

He never thought he would met someone with the same fate. Sylaria, that was her name. Unique just like her soul...

Or was it all trick?

  • abused
  • away
  • death
  • evil
  • fantasy
  • hate
  • love
  • lying
  • mystery
  • run
  • runaway
  • suspense
CaringForNoOne CaringForNoOne Dec 17, 2011
@The_Secret_Tribute97 Sorry for a late response, but awww. Well, that was kinda what Seth explains about in Chapter Two. So maybe something happened to him, and he changed for a deeper and bad reason.
HerDemons HerDemons Nov 17, 2011
Thanks. And for my cover, I was thinking of a picture of an empty locket. One problem: Should the locket be opened (Empty) or closed for the cover? I think they both are good, I just can't decide which one to use.
CaringForNoOne CaringForNoOne Nov 17, 2011
@Loyalty Haha. Yeah. I'm always on before I have to go to School. :D
                              Oh, someone helped me with that. You can requst on the "Book Cover" club, or you can go to Photoshop/Photobucket/Picnik [I don't suggust Picnik. Never works for me.]
HerDemons HerDemons Nov 17, 2011
And how did you create the cover? I need to find a program to create mine.
HerDemons HerDemons Nov 17, 2011
@CaringForNoOne K. Thanks. And you're on right now?!?!?! Right where I am, it's 5:00 in the morning!
CaringForNoOne CaringForNoOne Nov 17, 2011
@Loyalty Aww thanks!(: And sure, I posted the link to your story on the "Extra link" I forgot to mention that.
                              But I will.