|Unfazed| [Yandere X Reader]

|Unfazed| [Yandere X Reader]

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that-one-anti-social By that-one-anti-social Updated Dec 30, 2017

Y/n, an amazing student who's ambition is passing school and getting a successful job. Simple as that.

That's been her main goal all throughout her life. Now at the age of 16 she's been accepted into Excalibur high, a top notch school filled with wealthy people, after receiving a scholarship because god knows money doesn't grow on trees for her. 

She didn't expect was meeting five lovely fellows.  

Y/n pays no attention to them, she has no reason to. There are more important things, she rather continue her normal life.

 This not at all what they expected. This certainly catches their attention. 

She's so unfazed by them, it's makes her rare in the school, 

One of a kind,

Special to them,

Makes them want her.

What have you done?

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SnowKiissed SnowKiissed Nov 22, 2017
Hey, I’M the only one who’s allowed to call myself ugly.
Savagebugaboo Savagebugaboo Nov 23, 2017
Uhhhhh, First of all NO, second of all no and third of all I would be glad to tutor you if you ask politely and I actually have a strong understanding of the subject, but other than that, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Its_KatyMS Its_KatyMS Jan 19
I only wish I was that badass. I would’ve cussed and threatened all of them by now (except the mistress bc she’s just lovely)
I’m Y/N and this is my pawnshop
                              Hahaha, I had to do that, please don’t kill me...
nepppop nepppop Nov 17, 2017
Okay I may awful fashion sense but this bih is fine as wine so let's get that straight
-sueshi -sueshi Feb 13
correction *all readers reading this are handsome/beautiful , so u can shut yo musty a** up hunbuns