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Team Keeper- Oneshots and More!

Team Keeper- Oneshots and More!

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☆ ~ Mar  ~ ☆ By TeamKeeper3629 Updated Jan 31

The title pretty much says it all! This is a book full of everything kotlc, from fan art, to shipping, to even an occasional oneshot! I try to keep this book a safe environment for all kotlc fans to join. This book has all the daily kotlc you need, including drawings by Shannon herself! If you love kotlc, this your go-to place!

clairebear505 clairebear505 Dec 31, 2016
Liz and Emma? Those are the names of two friends of a different girl in a different book series. Weird coincidence or awesome reference?
magicistheonlysight magicistheonlysight Dec 24, 2016
Awesome chapter! Did you post this somewhere else? I have a faint memory of reading it before.
DianaDo7 DianaDo7 Oct 18, 2016
Muttering in a corner-I always hated keefe mostly be cuz of sophkeefe.But honestly I like keefiana.No offense to those who ship sophkeefe.I still like them too but keefiana is way better #Imao
Smileylover10 Smileylover10 Jun 20, 2016
All theories are good but theory #3 is best :-) I think it makes more sense.
I kinda think that theory 1 could ne true because in the books sophie at least gets one new power
KeefeFoster KeefeFoster Jul 11, 2016
I think it is Ruy trying to stop them because they kidnapped Silveny and that it the 'ultimate means to control her' since she cares so much about her friends.