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Gerard is considered a kitten because he's only 18. An adult neko is 22 years old. Nekos are very rare and expensive to got. When Gerard's owner passes he is left to fend for himself in New York City.

Frank decides to go for a late night walk to the park. His new flat in New York gets pretty lonely.


I'm so bad at descriptions

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BadBets BadBets Jun 28
Nah I like my legs being off the floor, because they're really long so when they hover above the floor I get to swing them like a little kid and I love doing that
I had absolutely no idea what a neko was. And now I love it😂
i read his in patrick's voice and imagined him zooming across the world looking for his fedora halp
And nobodies talking about the fact that Frank will be a furry
last night my sisters cat was annoying me so much in my sleep cause they wouldn't stop digging its nails on my back but at the same time it wasn't annoying cause in the end they kept on purring really freakin loud right next to my ear
                              *falls onto knees in the middle of the road screaming ‘noooooo’ while camera zooms out*