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Psychic Vampire By McrTrashboat Updated a day ago

Gerard is considered a kitten because he's only 18. An adult neko is 22 years old. Nekos are very rare and expensive to got. When Gerard's owner passes he is left to fend for himself in New York City.

Frank decides to go for a late night walk to the park. His new flat in New York gets pretty lonely.


I'm so bad at descriptions

                              I'M TRYING, I'M TRYING TO SLEEP
                              BUT I CAN'T BUT I CAN'T
Frank, hold down, this is kidnapping. Make sure there are no witnessers and hide the body and if the cops find it, always go to the funeral, the killer always goes to the funeral to throw the cops off.
Pretty much anyone would be if they woke up in a strangers flat
SmolBorkingDoggo SmolBorkingDoggo 3 days ago
I'm the opposite, touch my hair or shoulders and I'll rip your face w
MyPanickingPiolts MyPanickingPiolts 15 hours ago
For some reason this whole chapter just makes me fill personally violated
One time we were driving to school and we went over a bumb and I spilled a full mug of hot ass coffee all over myself. I was late to school.