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Cruel or Naughty~( UnderFell Papyrus and UnderLust Papyrus x OC) {On Hold}

Cruel or Naughty~( UnderFell Papyrus and UnderLust Papyrus x OC) {On Hold}

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Crazy is just Normal By Delirious_Laughter Updated Dec 19, 2016

This is my first story. Me and my friends came up with it but i was the one who continued it

The characters and some UnderTale AUs but the main ones are UnderFell, UnderLust, UnderSwap, and UnderTale. I'm adding my ocs like Midnight Wolf, Dawn Wolf, Angel White, and my friends Lily and Makayla. The setting is after UnderTale.
 All of the characters of UnderTale and AUs don't belong to me. I only own Midnight Wolf, Dawn Wolf and Angel White and my friends own their ocs. Also the ocs are hybrids. Midnight and Dawn are Wolf hybrids and Angel is a snow leopard hybrid. Lily is a bunny hybrid and Makayla is a cat hybrid.

NeonRifles NeonRifles Sep 05, 2016
Okay, so you ' accidentally ' bump into a bunch of skeletons and give them your name immediately XD
_Fell__Papyrus_ _Fell__Papyrus_ Dec 31, 2016
yes.. that stare... it was.. incompetent and,  retract... but I hate HOOMans.. so who cares..
brainmuncher03 brainmuncher03 Nov 13, 2016
I love when people aren't overly specific about clothes. What's the point in detail in places you don't really need it? I love this so far. 😘
NeonRifles NeonRifles Sep 05, 2016
I will change into my black puma hybrid and maul the UL skeletons to death. XD