Are You The One?

Are You The One?

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🗝🌟Lucy🌟🗝 By LucyNeel_ Updated Nov 03

Natsu Dragneel has been dating Lisanna Strauss for awhile after she confesses her love for him which leaves a certain celestial mage heartbroken.

Natsu starts to drift apart from Lucy Heartfilia since all his attention is going towards his girlfriend Lisanna.

As Dragon Mating season draws near Natsu starts doubting if Lisanna is truly his mate as things start to go downhill for them. 

Lucy takes a job on her own that causes Natsu to worry about her and go after her. As they reunite Natsu starts wondering if Lucy is his true mate as he starts feeling over protective, clingy and flirty towards her.

Who is Natsu's true mate? 
Lucy or Lisanna?

*This story will contain hardcore lemons as my other books*

*Hiro Mashima is the true creator of the Fairy Tail characters but I am the true creator if this book*

I also was inspired by a story titled I've always loved you from MoonlightLovexxx who is also 
 @Brillianceofthestars on here. I used just a few ideas though. 

*Coming soon!*

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Lisanna, just please disappear from this story..this is about Natsu and Lucy so don’t expect it to be about you and Natsu -.-
Suck this, 🥜, Lisanna, I know you want it, everyone knows your an obvious slût.
-gets into a fighting stance- Prepare. Yourself. Lasagna. Because you’re about to go down to hell once you set your ugly face in Nalu’s property.
Dear Lasagna, 
                              Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue 
                              Natsu is for Lucy 
                              Not for you
Im really diying now, too mucg sexy, all i have to say is hes alright.....