The Prophecy: Book One of the Vampire Chronicles

The Prophecy: Book One of the Vampire Chronicles

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Leah Elizabeth Johnston By LeahElizabethJohnston Updated Feb 24, 2012

"Vampires are real. They walk among us They may lurk in the shadows during the day, but they own the night...

An ancient prophecy predicted this day. They were marked at birth. The world's biggest hope for fighting evil. As twins born to a royal family, they are unique. When the Vampire world is shaken, the two halves of the whole are their only hope. Some will give their lives to save them. While others will do everything to make sure they won't ever again feel the night.

Through the mating of both halves, the two shall become one.

And with them, the future of the race will be sealed."

Description By: @ClaudiaIseul

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BitchesSuk BitchesSuk Apr 22, 2012
Hey Leah nice story now reads some of mine, their really good. P.S. It's your little sister Sydney
asitchintime asitchintime Mar 21, 2012
@LeahElizabethJohnston Oh okay, now that you explained it, I get it <3 Lol, thanks :)
@Kila_Freakin_Woods haha I know that their type of speech changes, but I like it because its like from living through different time periods they pick up little phrases and such. Especially cause they don't want to stand out from people too much. :)
letdown letdown Mar 01, 2012
I dont usually like vampire stories. However I thought this was really descriptive and flowing so beautifully. I didn't spot any errors and the pace was perfect. I think their relationship sounds so cute too :)
dulce995girl dulce995girl Dec 30, 2011 was so sweet that he left his duties to be with her...:D
Hellnobish Hellnobish Dec 29, 2011
Well first off, I'm really really happy that this wasn't a twilight/fake vampire. Nice job, great detail and voted(: