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I'm back By ladybugaboo_ Updated Sep 14, 2016

I pick up my phone and start pacing around my room. "Hi you've reached Marinette's voicemail leave a message after the beep."

"Hey it me again. This is the tenth time I've called. Where are you? Why do you not answer my calls? Why did you leave? Your parents are worried. Alya and Nino too. Were you akumatized? Please call me back. Yours, Adrien."

I transform into cat noir. I go to mine and M'lady's place. "Ladybug?" No reply. I sit  there and wonder. First Mari and now Ladybug. Gone just like that. Why is this happening? Where are they? This mess is messier than my broken heart.   


Marinette has gone missing. She wrote a note in her room to tell her family that she was not kidnapped. Adrien had finally come to like her and now is more worried than ever now that

Ladybug is gone too. 

Will Adrien find out Marinette's secret? Is Hawkmoth behind their disappearances? How many hearts have to broken for this to be over?

Cover by @SummerSnowQueen

Poor sad cinnamon bun
                              PUT THE DOTS TOGETHER YOU DENSE CAT
🎶 Marinette disappeared and ladybug also disappeared 🎶
PierreBrunet2 PierreBrunet2 May 17, 2016
Great job LOVE IT (I hope im not sounding like a fan girl XD)
- - May 18, 2016
This looks like it's going to be an awesome book! 
                              Btw, if you ever need it, I could make you a cover! (just so you know)
sunshell sunshell Jun 08, 2016
Hehe *runs hands together excitedly* THIS IS GONNA BE INTENSE
tinylittleM tinylittleM Sep 28, 2016
I'm already wondering what happened to Marinette!!!! ARGH. The suspense is killing me. And I just started this thing!