Total Drama Biome Tour

Total Drama Biome Tour

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Todd By Radishologist Completed

Third season of "Total Drama Minecraft"!

Twenty entirely new contestants.

Eighteen different biomes.

A million emeralds.

One winner.

Who will win the million emeralds this season?

Read "Total Drama Minecraft" and "Total Drama Nether" before reading this book.

Credit for the idea of the biome tour goes to @APH_Asean! Thanks!

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I do not own Minecraft or any of the aspects or mobs of it. I also do not own Herobrine, or Total Drama. All other characters are of my own creation.

HapPyISdOG HapPyISdOG Jul 05, 2016
Radishologist, I thought you were gonna do a Total Drama End.
                              Oh well.
                              I won't complain.
                              There's a wolf here
Choco_Gurl_19 Choco_Gurl_19 Jun 20, 2016
*facepalm* I suddenly remembered a feminist complaining to Nintendo because some Pokemons has no gender but still uses Attract to any gendered Pokemon.
DiForge_Cross_overs DiForge_Cross_overs Jun 12, 2016
Happy birthday to your friend and I have a feeling this book will be just as or more awesome than the others
furrytooshin furrytooshin Aug 07, 2016
I actually had a black pig named Wilbur!!! But we had to give him away... :'(
furrytooshin furrytooshin Aug 07, 2016
Do you know how long  it took to remember the other characters?!?! And those names sounded the same as their species, these are almost completely different!! Wahhh :'(
Ninja_XxXxX Ninja_XxXxX Jun 20, 2016
Could you at least add them in a challenge where its like snowy and then its like sorta deathrun and they have to do parkour while polar bears are chasin them?