How to Tease Hiccstrid

How to Tease Hiccstrid

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Inspiring Astrid By DivineBeauty17 Updated Apr 13

A series of story on how Hiccup and Astrid teases each other, How their friends and the other Vikings teases them, And How will they react.

Read and find out.

Disclaimer: All characters belongs to Dreamworks Animation and to Cressida Cowell.

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You, again, have ruin the moment. Now you deserve another punch
Don't wiggle your eyebrows, you look weird. Especially when you did it in an improper mannor.
It's either gonna be
                              "No, I don't like you." She said directly at him and he looks disappointed.
                              "Oh..." The young male dragon rider mumbled
                              "I love you!" She exclaimed catching him off guard.
Whoa, when Tuffnut is disappointed in you, you know you screwed up.
Go to YouTube and look up 'Astrid and Heather Tale a Hint' and you can actually find a video on it
s*** the window behind me was open I'm hoping noone saw me flailing my arms and squealing