Saved by My Human Mate

Saved by My Human Mate

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I won't accept that I will die here.

Not choking on my own blood on the side of a hill with an antler tine buried in my chest.  This wasn't going to be how my parents would find me.  I was strong, I was stubborn, I was a damn Beta in my pack and one hell of a she-wolf.  No, I was going to make it. I'm not quitting.

No one was even looking for me.  Without help, I'll be dead by morning.

This story is dedicated to those who went to war and left a part of them on the battlefield.

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pelicanlord pelicanlord Apr 29, 2017
This is an amazing story idea and well written i am enthralled already
CurzonDax CurzonDax Mar 23, 2017
Wow. Love this already. Very different to most I've seen in this genre.  The end was sad though....
Rose_Conspiracy Rose_Conspiracy Aug 16, 2017
Nathan could take a few pointers on how to dress from this guy ;)
FlamerDragonRose FlamerDragonRose Sep 22, 2017
Aww. But I liked this!!! Can’t wait to read the rest! ☺️
charbo61 charbo61 Jul 24, 2017
The tragedies of war. It does not end when the fight is done. It is not surprising that peace comes with nature and he is lucky that he found Raven; but he does not know anything about mate and bond! 
Part2Wolf Part2Wolf May 14, 2016
I wrote this for a Valentine's Day story contest. I wasn't happy with the ending so I'm rewriting it here