Forbidden Love ∞ MikaYuu [COMPLETED; Editing]

Forbidden Love ∞ MikaYuu [COMPLETED; Editing]

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✪ コリン ✪ By megaraxx_ Completed

WARNING: This story may contain abusive, violence, rape scenes.

Mikaela Hyakuya married Yuichiro's mother even if their age gap is big, Mika loves her so much to the point that he became obsessed, but sadly; Yuki Amane (Yu's Mom) died - that's why Mika got depressed and goes insane secrety. What is going to happen if his crazy hidden desire goes to Yuichiro; his step son in other word?

What Mikaela going to do to Yuichiro?

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                              I cannot wait to to see the next updates!!!
                              This story is so amazing already!!
                              AHHHH I'm so excited
Akira1104 Akira1104 May 28
OMG, I think I'm addicted to your story. 😱😱😱😱😱😱 This is just to good !!!!!!!
I thought that it is a female Yuu coz I'm trash for Fem!Yuu.
Mazura-chan Mazura-chan May 28
This is a really good story. The plot. Please update soon.
                              @megaralxst And this is an advice, you should look for a beta reader or an editor. If you can't find anyone I don't mind helping you edit your story, even though english is not my first language so I won't be able to correct everything.
                              I love your plot XDD can't wait to read the next chapter *~*
                              PS: I'm sure your writing will improve evenually.. i feel you because I'm also a sucker to writing XP
*prepared guns 🔫🔫🔫 and knives 🔪🔪🔪🔪 or whatever tf that considers as weapons* Sorry,Mika. As much as I love you,but I cannot let you hurt my baby(a.k.a Yuu). I love him soooooo much that become a Yandere(a little bit).