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The Kings Warrior

The Kings Warrior

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α l є х α n d r í α By JuviaBaeLockser Updated May 01

The land of Fiore has a king. King Igneel. Igneel is also known as the King of Fire. His best friend Jude Heartfilia, the best warrior, gives birth to a baby girl named Lucy Heartfilia. Shortly after Jude's wife gives birth, she dies from blood loss. Jude struggled to raise his daughter and fight. Instead of juggling it all, Jude gives Lucy to the king while he is gone fighting. However one time when Jude went to fight, he didn't return. Word got to the kingdom that Jude died. Lucy was only the age of 9. She got the news while she was playing with the prince, Natsu. They were together as best friends. As soon as Lucy found out her father died, she started training to be a warrior. When Natsu and Lucy reached age 17, they started drifting apart and Natsu got engaged to the daughter of Thoreane, a very rich family that is related to the royal family of Ordane. The daughter is Lisanna Strauss. At age 18 the couple got married and left to Paris for a year. When they return, it becomes a party...

Thank you to Tenth_Ace for thw cover

PuffinRainbow PuffinRainbow Jul 09, 2016
CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!! Yep and I guessed it, this will be a wonderful story to read! 💚💚💚
Chat_Dragneel Chat_Dragneel May 14, 2016
I am addicted so far please update!!!!!!!! I love it and want more of it ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏻
whitewolf3 whitewolf3 Feb 08
Corsets = a torture device used to strangle women in the past.
PuffinRainbow PuffinRainbow Jul 06, 2016
Please update! This is very well written and I can tell this will have an amazing story line too!