KILL THE TEACH ✒ ass. class

KILL THE TEACH ✒ ass. class

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[ Book 1 of 2 ]

Meet a certain student with excellent grades during her days at her former school- Koutaru Araki.

It was all going swell until that fateful day where she have to transfer to Kunugigaoka Junior High for unknown reasons. Strangely enough, she was supposed to be in Class 3-A for passing the entrance exam that she had to take 

 knowing which class she is, but it all went down to the gutter after Principal Asano found out about her total grade.

Thus, she was sent to Class 3-E.

Impressions were made, a few misunderstandings and a lot of trials greeted Araki's new life.

But what others didn't know...

They were one step closer assassinating Koro Sensei with her on the team.


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Althe32003 Althe32003 Jun 17
Knowing the difference between a 'dark face' and a 'light face' is Nagisa's specialty...
*flips many tables* \(•_•)/    BOI first you make me have a boyish name, AND NOW YOU ASSUME MEH GENDER alcckendkvowksckvleendicowakvodjwdovfmdv
Cries cause my gender is just a big ball of goo i don't understand
Qubester101 Qubester101 Jul 15
So... my dad wants me to be a boy... THAT SH*ITS MESSED UP!!!
If the person in the cover is araki then i don't think she looks like a boy. She looks so pretty.
We'll be good friends
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