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Kill The Teach [Assassination Classroom Fanfiction]

Kill The Teach [Assassination Classroom Fanfiction]

32.3K Reads 1.4K Votes 16 Part Story
› mikey ❤ uson ‹ By -usagisan Completed

❤Assassination Classroom Watty Awards Winner 2016❤
✒3rd Place Winner under the Category of Akabane Karma

* * *

It was Araki's first day at Kunugigaoka Junior High. Her appearance as a boy confused many students there, even the teachers!

Now that she was placed at 3-E Class, will she able to commit an assassination? Despite her looks, not only that she's being great friends with the others, especially Karma, her story begun.

Her ability to see one's true color,
her trump card...

All of this was confusing...

- - - • - - -

Book 1 - Kill The Teach (Assassination Classroom Fanfiction) • COMPLETE

Book 2 - His Biggest Idiot | Assassination Classroom Fanfiction • COMPLETE

Disclaimer: This is a FANFICTION of Assassination Classroom. I repeat, a FANFICTION.

Miu_Chama Miu_Chama 6 days ago
I know a girl who has a boyish name - which so happens to be the same name my little brother has (I ship them- //slapped)
Foxy_chibi Foxy_chibi Dec 21, 2016
I am to tomboyish to be a girl yet to girlish to be a boy. I really don't care because I would be fine either gender. I know I'm a girl though.
Naoki001 Naoki001 Feb 04
Is that picture at the top what Araki looks like~? She's so pretty!
Aww that's so sweet
                              To be honest I wouldn't mind much if I was in her position
AyaUzumakiDragneel AyaUzumakiDragneel Dec 31, 2016
And Nagisa is a girlish name for a boy, really his name means beach when you translate it from Japanese to English
Echo_Of_Rain Echo_Of_Rain Dec 26, 2016
It reminds me of this manga  I read about a bunch of cross-dressers and one of the characters had a dead older sister and she was really famous so he cross-dressed as her. Mainly because the mom was in major trauma and whatnot.
                              First thing I relate to.