Making my Way Through this Demented World

Making my Way Through this Demented World

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Gabby Rener By Blueberrytheawesome Updated Dec 22, 2011

Brittney Moore is different. Raised in a family of werewolves, her parents call her a freak (even though she's the same as them).At school, her brother Blaine pretends she doesn't exist. She wishes he could be the same loving brother he is at home all the time.

Drew Cast is a playboy. As the alpha of the Water Pack, he has been searching for a mate for as long as he can remember. His playboy ways keep his search a secret from the pack. He's grown accustomed to using every girl at school but when he sees Britt, everything changes. Despite being the outcast  and loser at school, she's his perfect mate. Of course, everyone at school hears about it .What they don't expect is for Britt to refuse Drew. In his anger and frustration, Drew kicks her out of the pack. Britt, glad for the excuse, packs her bags and leaves.

With no where else to go, Britt searches for refuge with the alpha of the Air Pack, who gladly takes her in. At her first shift, it is made obvious to her new pack that she is a royal.
-Thank you life-of-words for writing this!

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Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Dec 18, 2011
@yourlilRIOT7 thanks so much! I try to be more original because I hate being cliche even though I like to read them sometimes....  @UnicornFartGlitter thanks so much! I like uniqueness!
UnicornFartGlitter UnicornFartGlitter Dec 18, 2011
Great first chapter! I don't really read much werewolf stories but this one seems pretty good! It's well written as well as unique! Keep it up! :D
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Dec 18, 2011
@NightmareAngel no they don't i was just describing the cloth.  @yme123 thanks so much. I'll try and clear up the confusion.
MelodicTrance MelodicTrance Dec 17, 2011
Wait are they in Egypt? I'm confuse.
                              But other than that fact, I think the story flows great and I love Blaine, I wish you could give more description on the characters though.
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Dec 16, 2011
@PureBloods haha yes he does@NaTTyKiinz thank you although I'm not sure what your talking about when you say vampire.@Fanta_xx haha thanks. It wasn't much more than one page
Fanta_xx Fanta_xx Dec 16, 2011
Great start. Epic man. I love how you write more than one page since I loved it!