Drowning  (editing)  (complete)

Drowning (editing) (complete)

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Kay Ray By DarkAngelofFire16 Completed

This story is about a girl, who lost someone dear to her, and was forced to have a change of scenery. She has a calm mask but inside she is screaming and crying as her wolf tries to claw free...       Viewer discretion is advised, or not......  Read on mates, read on... 

Edit in progress

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DarkAngelofFire16 DarkAngelofFire16 Jun 20, 2017
I used to like snakes alot huh... I still like them a little.... But,  my pets are guinea pigs... There for adding a snake 🐍  wouldn't be bright.
I'm fuckung terrified of snakes. Imagine that. Just waking up and its your face . Oh my god
BeastOfBurden0514 BeastOfBurden0514 Jan 25, 2018
Like the story so far, but just wanted to say that snakes don’t hiss unless they feel threatened. If you want to show the snake likes her and is full of curiosity, say that he is flicking his tongue.
DarkAngelofFire16 DarkAngelofFire16 Jun 20, 2017
Can someone please inform me what honey caramel blond is... Im editing my book and I see that and also that I spelled parsley instead of partially oh lord 😂😂😂😂
SparkWest SparkWest Apr 29, 2018
awww I wish my Parakeet would do that but it is fairly new so not accustomed to me as yet I guess :/
lovatic1956 lovatic1956 May 06, 2018
Just  read the author's note. It's a little weird, but good weird. I think I'm going to like this book.