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Kay By DarkAngelofFire16 Updated Jun 12

This story is about a girl, who lost someone dear to her, and was forced to have a change of scenery. She has a calm mask but inside she is screaming and crying as her wolf tries to claw free...       Viewer discretion is advised, or not......  Read on mates, read on... 

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WHAT?! why would you let a python loose in your BEDROOM?!?!?!?!?!
Unknown_and_armed Unknown_and_armed Nov 04, 2015
Strangulate isn't a word. Don't go correcting others when u barely understand English yourself. The correct expression is strangle someone. You said your first language wasn't English?  It shows.
pisces_1999 pisces_1999 Jul 06, 2015
Don't judge! 
                              how rude, if you don't like it then stop reading.
Rikkihere Rikkihere Jun 14, 2015
I'm sorry man. Usually I don't speak up against them, why did you use the word interesting so many times? @DarkAngelofFire16
DarkAngelofFire16 DarkAngelofFire16 Jun 14, 2015
@whosnexthmm LMAO your interesting to say the least...I'd say your an ass but your really not your just...interesting
Rikkihere Rikkihere Jun 11, 2015
GAH! I'm sorry but there are so many grammatical errors. Like how old are you? English isn't even my first language and I still noticed! Blarmey...I just want to strangulate someone's throat with my hands till they are blue.