The Chef's Critic

The Chef's Critic

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A young chef looking for a chance to prove herself in a world dominated by men. She wanted to be known as a chef on her own and not because she was the daughter for two renowned celebrity chefs. Her mother is a renowned chef host in one of the cooking show in the US while her father is a renowned owner and chef in a restaurant in New York. The restaurant is a family owned high end restaurant in which waiting line is said to be as long as 6 months prior.

An entrepreneur who was known as the youngest son of a business tycoon. His family owned a conglomerate of food chains, high end restaurants and hotels all over the world. His passion is to search of the best foods and is also known to be a food critic. His opinion is highly regarded by the society. Whatever he writes can make or break an establishment.

When a young chef who is looking for a niche in the world of food meets a renowned food critic, will it be an ambrosia for the angels or will it be a war of beliefs and tastes?


This is my first attempt to write any short story. I just wanted to try. Please bear with me.

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mainedie mainedie May 30, 2016
Woahhhh mukang heavy tung story and if im not mistaken aldren is taddaaaaaaa maya na basa muna hihihi😀😀😀
PamVelasco PamVelasco Aug 08, 2016
They are the same person. Sorry, the intended name is really Richard Ethan. But in the end i prefer to use the name Richard.
mira727499 mira727499 Jul 30, 2016
Richard ethan? 🤔 ethan richard? 🤔 richard? 🤔 ethan? 🤔😅😅😅😅😅
aosfiction aosfiction Aug 08, 2016
Im curious & confused about using the name between ethan and richard and perhaps this was an error or are they the same person? 😕
chloelingat chloelingat Dec 09, 2016
I'm actually wondering........ Is the author FILIPINO??😮😮