Her||Nicki Minaj❤️Rihanna

Her||Nicki Minaj❤️Rihanna

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Rihatnight👄👅💦 By Fentyshit Updated Jul 28, 2016

Too high for pain.

Too high for niggas.

Too unique to be labeled as anything.

Too alluring to ever avoid temptation.

Beautiful, and sometimes when she wants to be, elegant.

Small and Breakable, how could she be breakable when she's already broken?

Put down and unable to recover from the pain and heaviness she felt. Small heart but big personality. A woman who acts tuff and bold but isn't near the out put of it all. She didn't feel like she could be anything more then hood bound, getting money from a nigga who says he got her till the end. She didn't and had never made her own, luck was all she had, but right now she was confused as she held her blunt in a deep thought. Trying to get into her writing as this was the forth anotebook she had been threw this week. She was silent as the beat she wanted for the song she was so hardly trying to write played over and over in her head. Trying to picture the words in place, they fell nicely with the rhythm. Quickly putting her blunt in the...

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MitchieAqua MitchieAqua Dec 07, 2017
She dont do pussy but she was eaiting her out last night lol tf 😂😂😂💀💀💀 so i can she is bipolar
ButtaFlyz ButtaFlyz May 15, 2016
Bihhh, dafuq you sayin???
                              I swear you was singing da kitty kat anthem hours ago.
                              Yeah, keep dis one, I'm thoroughly intrigued. PS: I'm here for your writing style and tone on this