To love A Slave

To love A Slave

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"Which one of you will be my personal slave"? I watch as the man walks down the line of girls including me. Tears threat to spill. I look down at my feet which are in the cold snow with shackles. 

I watch as the man with the black combat boots step right in front of me. 

"I choose her".


Rose, a shy and abused girl.

Octavian, a cruel vampire king.

Shes nice.

He's cruel.

She's broken.

He's heartless.

Rose has never had it good in life . Abused since the age 6 by her father. While Rose fell asleep after a long day of beatings she ends up getting taken to a whole new world. 

Octavian, the vampire King of the Vampires. He's cruel and heartless. What happens when he starts falling in love with his slave Rose.

Rank: #169 as of 8/15/16

Will Rose and Octavian get along?


Previously known as Slave to the cruel vampire King

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sissymus sissymus Nov 11, 2016
Finally an author that tell us the answer when they shake their head 
                              I applaud u author😃😃😃😀😀
Infinite_Voices Infinite_Voices Oct 16, 2016
i hate it when people hurt their daughters like they don't mean anything...
Sorry, I just have to say that when each new person talks u need to take  a separate line for each and if she is talking inside her head u don't use speech marks that way it is less  confusing. I  love the story though- it is really good. Can't wait to read more!
Name__________ Name__________ Dec 29, 2016
This book is great but I need to be able to tell the difference from when she's talking and when she's thinking