Drown (Markiplier x Reader)

Drown (Markiplier x Reader)

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where mark helps you

trigger warning: self-harm, suicide and suicidal thoughts, depression

lower case intended

(kind of a drabble and most of the character's ideas/thoughts/actions reflect some of my ideas/thoughts/actions)

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There is NO SUCH THING as a normal kid. Everyone is weird in their own ways...... :3
If this is pronounced kay-lee im done. My name is kaeli and said like kay-lee. 2 kailys in the book
Aimzyrulez Aimzyrulez Sep 03
Still having children and imma teach them to be nice as soon as they can walk
I always want to self-harm but, I don't want it to be obvious and that someone find out or it hurts...
LilNinjaXx LilNinjaXx Sep 27
They want you to focus on the good. Which is bad because they aren't preparing you for the bad. Which makes your reaction to the bad worse, cause you were never taught about the bad and you don't know how to handle it
FnafyLovey FnafyLovey May 30
No life is not life and nothing is expected, life is a peace of crap on 2 sticks with sprinkles. Oh wow that kinda sounds good? EVERYONE IM WIERD!!!