Dreams (Markiplier X Reader)

Dreams (Markiplier X Reader)

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Baniplier By baniplier Updated Jan 08

"She started to cry even more. "M-Mark.." She trailed off and hugged me tightly. Awkward car hug. It was so hard to see someone like (Y/n) like this. It was even harder to see someone you love like this. 

After awhile, we looked at each other deep in each other's eyes. Her bloodshot (e/c) met my brown eyes. The next thing I knew, we were kissing."

(This entire book it's Mark's P.O.V)

Fangirl_Jewels Fangirl_Jewels Dec 22, 2016
My sister doesn't love Mark...I'm the only one in my family who does....
My family only knows who Mark is because I was balling my eyes out when I saw his "Draw My Life" video and a few more. They don't like me watching him-
Madison_N_10 Madison_N_10 Dec 01, 2016
My whole family know who Markimoo is. My little brother who is 4!!! Loves Mark almost as much as I do. NORTH CAROLINA!!
PhanicAtTheTumblr PhanicAtTheTumblr 4 days ago
They have helmets on their heads..... BUT I GOT A WATERMELON INSTEAD
                              Sorry not sorry
Kittycake89 Kittycake89 Jan 03
at the beggining you said enjoy the story. Thankyou
                              And you know what , Thankyou
OokamiDenKrieg OokamiDenKrieg Dec 07, 2016
*see the title*This is Italian?A Markiplier Italian Fanfiction!? *read*Ah,no. Comunque,ciao! (btw,hello!)