The Hit (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story)

The Hit (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story)

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#Tay!!! By notstr8 Updated Sep 18, 2017

Marina Shah lives her life as if she's a normal person. She has a gorgeous fiancée, six outstanding friends and a job, which she loves, at her family's bakery. Every day, she spends time in a lesbian coffee shop called The Amazon, enjoying the company of her friends. Many people know Marina as an honest and kind individual, but what no one knows, including her friends and her fiancée, is that she's secretly a contracted killer.

Nyx Amor could get any girl that she sets her eyes on. They were all wooed by her gorgeous looks, her suave manners and her sense of humor. If that wasn't enough, she was over-zealously wealthy. Everyone believes she's so wealthy because her parents own huge businesses in her place of birth, Melbourne, Australia. What no one knows is that she was cut off by her parents, before moving to Miami and becoming a contract killer to keep money coming in.  

Even though, the Marina and Nyx have never met each other, they have more in common including mutual friends and their occupation. After an invitation from their mutual friends, Nyx shows up at The Amazon and after a few cups of coffees, smirks and prolonged glares, the two of them realize that they may be falling for each other.

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redeb21 redeb21 May 10
Men have nothing on women when it comes to psychotic, if anything they need to kearn a thing or two
TresaOlford TresaOlford Apr 01
No I know who was talking tho I figured after they said Australian accent lol
emogoth1 emogoth1 Apr 18
You could something else on my face if you know what I'm saying
I'd say something stupid like "can I be Superman cuz let's face it, Superman would totally kick Batman's ass" 😂😂😂
TresaOlford TresaOlford Apr 01
@nachtmusiki completely agree with your comment though 😊😊
TresaOlford TresaOlford Apr 01
I get it’s her job but I would have to say no it’s not justified a life is still a life at the end of the day and we’ll in my opinion god can handle revenge better than us even if we think it’s justified