Bad_End-P. Timeline#216

Bad_End-P. Timeline#216

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The great Pa"trash"us! By Master_Unknown Updated Nov 19, 2017

(I like to thank Tobster-chan for this idea)

This book takes place after Sans (in the Dere universe) chose to continue with an entirely different timeline.

And trust me things have changed in the timeline.....BIG TIME!
*insert Flowey like laughter here*

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Emma_insanity Emma_insanity May 14, 2016
Alex: hello there Phantom. Um I have a question. Cats of dogs, which is better
Thorn_The_Puppet Thorn_The_Puppet May 14, 2016
???: do you know how to Save a lost Soul
                              I'm Sad Alone and Dead I'm the Spirit of Thorn who never got a happy ending could you help me by making Thorn/ me smile :'(