Counting Till The Clock Strikes The End

Counting Till The Clock Strikes The End

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agentpenguin By agentpenguin Updated May 21, 2012

1. Never hurt, hunt a human without reason.

2. Never suck a human dry.

3. Never expose who we are to the world.

4. Never kill one among us without a reason.

5. Never, ever get involved in a relationship with a human except friendship.

Those were all important rules to be followed. If broken, all you could do was beg for the High Council to forgive and forget, make them see it your way or be dead. Almost every one of us has broken rules number one and two, nobody really cares because the High Council understands our thirsts, it is what makes us the monsters we are.

What are we?

We’re vampire’s baby.


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LastxKingsxQueen LastxKingsxQueen Nov 20, 2011
Love Ur writing style. and there was not too many mistakes. 
                              pls upload more. and read my book baroness billion and let me know what u think if you can.
sperare sperare Mar 28, 2011
Hey, I love you're writing style! Here's a vote. :) Can you read and comment on mine too? I just joined. :D
agentpenguin agentpenguin Jan 02, 2011
                              Thank you very much for checking it out (":
                              Im glad you like it! I hope you like the rest of the chapters (:
Queen694u Queen694u Jan 02, 2011
I am glad you asked me to check out your story. It is very different in as much someone has kidnapped the vampire instead of the other way around. It is very interesting that they knew her before she was a vampire. The white powder stuff is different too. I will continue to read.
agentpenguin agentpenguin Dec 31, 2010
                              I fell in love with tucker that nobody else matters. sX but dont worry! The spotlight will shine on him soon enough! :D
YesicaOlivo YesicaOlivo Dec 31, 2010
uh your very good! i am glad i read your story! keep it up hun!