Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl

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Sleeping.Serenity By Sleeping_Serenity Updated Dec 22, 2016

Meet Renea Williams, she isn't your average teenager, unlike most girls that love to party and flirt with boys, she prefers to stay at home and read. She's basically invisible to the whole school, people don't know her but they know of her. 

She gets straight A's,  doesn't socialize at all, she's definitely not popular and hates people generally; but not kids which is one reason why she babysits.

Now meet Blaide Allen, he is your average "bad boy." He party's hard and is barley passing school.

He's a big smirking mystery and no one seems to know much about him.

What happens when these two collide?
Read to find out❤️


Base of book:

Have you ever felt invisible? Like a nobody?
It's a great question because at one point in everyone's life, they're eventually going to feel this way. Sure you might have some friends, maybe even a best friend or two but there's always that moment, that one moment where you and your friends are all sitting down talking but no matter how hard you try, you're getting talked over, it's like you're not even there... Like you're an outcast, like you're invisible.

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