Project (COMPLETED) | Miraculous Ladybug | Marichat/Adrienette |

Project (COMPLETED) | Miraculous Ladybug | Marichat/Adrienette |

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ur average meme By chatnoirette Completed

What happens when Adrien asks Marinette to be his partner for a project? What will their love adventure be? 


Show: Miraculous Ladybug

I didn't not make up these character. The only thing I made up was the plot for this Fanfiction. This is going to be a MariChat/Adrienette Fanfic.

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xxxRoyalAngelxxx xxxRoyalAngelxxx Dec 23, 2017
Thank you author for recognizing the posters unlike so many other stories
popgirl7400 popgirl7400 Nov 14, 2017
Adrien: Hey Marinette
                              Marinette: Hey Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, cha cha real smooth.
                              *does dance while song plays and Adrien is confused*
phanimaniac phanimaniac Nov 01, 2017
That is so something she would say 😂😂 I love y-- I'd love to!!!!
Lisa_Best Lisa_Best Apr 14
boi y u giggle when he is going to your house. wat about the posters? HUH HUH?
I would’ve been screwed non of my guy friends are in my class
emma27654 emma27654 Dec 20, 2017
That makes sense since you have to make an outfit but two different versions a girl and a guy version. This comment is so unnecessary but whatever.