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A flame I saw (NaLu FanFic FairyTail)

A flame I saw (NaLu FanFic FairyTail)

108K Reads 2.9K Votes 17 Part Story
ADO By Anotherdamnotaku Completed

Lucy Has finally settled in the Guild called Fairy Tail, she has made many friends and they make her laugh and smile but lately Lucy has been having a strange dream about her past and her friend Natsu has something to do with it. That's when a great evil comes upon the land and this evil is using some unknown magic that manipulates the mind. Will Natsu, Lucy and the rest of the guild be able to stop it?  Note: The characters of the story aren't mine they belong to the one and only genius who created FairyTail, I just own the story line :)

  • completed
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