Nicolas wasn't a man that got scared easily, nor intimidated. Not until he met his new boss Mr. Julian Tomas. He screamed pure seduction down to his mysterious grey eyes. Nicolas couldn't let this attraction go anywhere. He needed it to stay professional, but Mr. Tomas has other ideas.

  • bdsm
  • boss
  • dominant
  • employee
  • gaylove
  • gayromance
  • manxman
  • nicolas
  • submissive
I love it so far! I like his fragility! I feel that it would add more depth if there were more nuances that spoke clearly of his character. Of course, this is just the first chapter but I can't wait to dive in deeper!!!!!
Bar is attached to a counter, island is a counter attached to nothing (except the floor, but, y'know, duh)
Bruh u dont need to show us a picture of a goddamn car cuz we dont care what it looks like CUZ ALL WE WANT IS BANG BANG INTO THE ROOM BOIIIIII!!!!!!
MoraezA MoraezA Aug 01
I like the trope, but the lack of insight and description is kinda bothering me a little.
HOW IS THIS CHILD????????????????????????????????????????????????
I need to watch that show! It's been highly recommended to me by my friends and I'm just so lazy to get started but I need to have the resolve!!!!!