Halfway Broken (#ABA2017)

Halfway Broken (#ABA2017)

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Mitsu By IrusuKawaakari Updated 2 days ago

❝When did I ever need you?❞

   Annabelle is the most supporting 14-year-old you could befriend. After a shock that shakes the world off its feet, Annabelle is the one who's always there for her best friend Lily, who finds change hard to handle.

But being the one-of-a-kind bestie isn't always easy, as Annabelle learns. When others invade their bubble of serenity and balance, everything she's done to keep the peace crumbles into dust. But a supposed "saviour" saves Annabelle from falling too deep when things start to darken, and Annabelle starts to lighten up and become more independent.

Being independent wasn't what this "saviour" had in mind, though.

mushiworks mushiworks Sep 04
Omg. It's my Doll. Hihi~ Cutieee, but but~ you forgot something Niji! You forgot Guitar-chan! ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。
ITS YUKI! And thanks for the compliment Niji! I'll think of taking up art once I'm done becoming a doc.
Cosette_TN Cosette_TN Sep 11
I really like the new title and the new cover. Welcome aboard (to the CPN movement).
mushiworks mushiworks Sep 11
Hihi~ It's my pleasure. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
                              Also, welcome to the CPN movement.
Wait, so I actually read this before? o.o What title was it written under?
                              Also, I like how "Halfway Broken" sounds like~