Warriors: What If?

Warriors: What If?

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The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Updated May 11, 2017

What if medicine cats never existed?

What if Jayfeather hadn't been blind?

What if StarClan didn't exist?

Find the answers to these intriguing questions and more in CloudtailGrandmas' newest work, a compilation of theories answering the most asked question: What if?

[Cover by Warrior & Duskie]

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vixenxx13 vixenxx13 Apr 30, 2017
I have a good one... what if snowfur didn't die? A lot of things would change :0
OpenEnded_PlotDevice OpenEnded_PlotDevice May 11, 2017
i doubt it... it'd be more like a real feral cat colony. there is little contact with starclan, and a lot more cats die or become elders because no cat can really heal them. a lot of warriors would have basic healing knowledge, but no one would have anything more.
sladekmon20020 sladekmon20020 Apr 01, 2017
In dawn of the clans there wouldn't have been anyone to know what to do when the great sickness spread through (basicly rabies)
Havenwing Havenwing May 16, 2016
What if Hawkfrost wasn't evil?
                              What if Hawkfrost and Ivypool became mates?
                              What if Honeyfern didn't die?
                              What if Briarlight never saved Longtail?
                              What if Graypool really was Mistystar's mother?
birdfancier birdfancier Nov 18, 2016
Omg I just found this book to realize I am doing the exact same thing! Welp.
jayfeather3060 jayfeather3060 Jun 21, 2016
If Thistleclaw hadn't been in ThunderClan because he was Tigerstar s Mentor and he told Tigerstar to attack Scorage