Italy X Abused! Reader - Cafe

Italy X Abused! Reader - Cafe

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owo By MeowHime Completed

(F/N) has always visited the local cafe to escape and get a little bit of freedom from her life at home. One day when the cafe is packed full, and the chair that (F/N) normally sits on is taken too, she asks whether she can sit next to a man who is sat by himself. Soon she finds herself making a new friend. 

Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya 
Cover made by Alderheart
Any pictures used aren't mine
You belong to Italy or yourself

If you're sensitive to mentions and scenes with abuse in them, than read at your own risk, I'll put warnings in the beginnings. 

I hope you enjoy!

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crystalkitty33 crystalkitty33 Sep 21, 2017
Ummmm, what lying moron? I don't see a lying moron, do you guys see a lying moron?
                              Den: Ingen.
                              Alf: No.
                              Arthur: No.
                              Gil, Luddy, Lizzy, Ivan, and Nat: No.
                              Lovi, Feli, and Antonio: No.
                              France: Non.
                              Me: Good answers.
EverfreeBliss EverfreeBliss Jul 11, 2017
*sighs* Italy your paying for the pasta you still owe me
                              Italy: PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
                              Me: I knew this would happen I think it's time for plan B- feeding Italy stuff he doesn't like till he pays me back.
SilviaTH21 SilviaTH21 Aug 06, 2017
Wait let me read it again ..
                              "Pasta at a café " ? 
                              Person : shut up !
                              Okay okay .
-bougainvillea- -bougainvillea- Oct 20, 2016
I reject people. I do not go looking for relationships, and I'm only attracted to fictional characters anyway.
                              I actually once rejected my crush. He asked me out and I said I wanted to remain friends lol
-LocalDreamer- -LocalDreamer- Sep 21, 2016
XD that's actually my name.. So he's saying, "Bella? What's wrong bella?" 😂
LunaClaw LunaClaw May 13, 2016
Eeep! Yay! Another story by the awesome you. I love this so far ^^