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And then we were two (Tony stark's daughter fic)

And then we were two (Tony stark's daughter fic)

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Me By mrssumner Updated Jan 14

Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist...father? Tony Stark has been called many things responsible is not one of them, but how will he react when a 7 year old girl is brought to him one morning?

Unknown_Stark Unknown_Stark Jun 14, 2016
I only read the first chapter of this book and its going Great. Can't wait for the next chapter.     XD
Tony.... Ya might want to take a few steps back. Along with your ego.
IzzyDidIt IzzyDidIt Oct 04, 2016
Aw that was good,
                              It was a little "Tony sucks at being a dad"
                              And then at the end it had Addy be more...
metaphysically metaphysically Oct 08, 2016
Does anyone else just know that Jarvis would have amazing taste in cartoons?