Lane boy:  joshler

Lane boy: joshler

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Josh moves into a religious home for troubled boys and meets a boy just as troubled as him


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No such thing as a British accent. I'm assuming you mean a Southern England type of accent. Not chavvy but well spoken, I guess
satans_trans_child satans_trans_child Oct 31, 2017
My mom was 18 when she had me so she had to go to college for two years
imissRyRo imissRyRo Dec 12, 2017
All of you are saying thicc, so all i can think of is "What a Thicc channel it was"
neikrasivaya neikrasivaya Oct 10, 2017
i just remembered the situation that happened during religion when i was in 1st grade, the teacher asked „whare do people go when they die?” and i simply answered „nowhere, they’re dead” and she started yelling at me and gave me detention
skylar_is_dun skylar_is_dun Sep 28, 2017
Once i saw the word "mansion" I knew this was gonna be interesting
human-of-nature human-of-nature Oct 07, 2017
My mum was 19 and her idiotic sadistic mother fücker that I have to call "father" or Her sperm doner as I like to calm him was 24 🤷🏽‍♀️