Lane boy:  joshler

Lane boy: joshler

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Josh moves into a religious home for troubled boys and meets a boy just as troubled as him


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tylr-josph tylr-josph Aug 28
my mom was like 16 when she had me, my dad left me, i was adopted out to my grandparents, told lies for years about my real mom, and apparently my mom is my sister now my law?????
i told my mom that mrs. dun is a year younger than her (i'm 14) and my mom said "that means she was 19 when she had josh" and i was just kind of like "what"
CHILLED AND THICC 😫👅💦💯😍💯💦👅💯😫💦👅😫😍💦
My mom was like sixteen when she got pregnant with my brothers and their real father still live with his parents bless my real and their adoptive dad not being a disappointment (ps they are twins)
i just remembered the situation that happened during religion when i was in 1st grade, the teacher asked „whare do people go when they die?” and i simply answered „nowhere, they’re dead” and she started yelling at me and gave me detention