Acchi Kocchi (Vkook Edition)

Acchi Kocchi (Vkook Edition)

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Trisdick By kookiestan2 Updated Nov 28

Rap Monster 

Extra info
Kookie is a bunny
V is a fox
ChimChim is a Wolf
Suga is a cat
Rap Monster is a bear
Jin is a hamster
J-Hope is a dog

Don't question my thinking XD

Start: May 14 2016
End: ???

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03KpopISLife03 03KpopISLife03 6 days ago
I have watch it. It's one of my favorite anime a actually. It would be awesome if a vkook anime appear.
SophiaDC05 SophiaDC05 Aug 09
When he said 'you can call me Rap Monster' I remembered Monster By Exo😂 'You can call me monster'
jongtaee jongtaee Jul 16
i love acchi kocchi <3 it's so aesthetic i just'-- it doesn't even revolve around a plot but i love it <33
ibtthe_kims ibtthe_kims Nov 29
Am I the only chowder fan in here 👀...... I well i'll be going now bye
I'm just gonna imagine him as Ryan the bear because of that Halloween dance video xD
Omg he gives no phuck if we tell Jin he's just like " phuck it tell him I don't care he's adorable as phuck BÏTCH!"