Acchi Kocchi (Vkook Edition)

Acchi Kocchi (Vkook Edition)

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Trisdick By kookiestan2 Updated Nov 28, 2017

Rap Monster 

Extra info
Kookie is a bunny
V is a fox
ChimChim is a Wolf
Suga is a cat
Rap Monster is a bear
Jin is a hamster
J-Hope is a dog

Don't question my thinking XD

Start: May 14 2016
End: ???

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03KpopISLife03 03KpopISLife03 Dec 09, 2017
I have watch it. It's one of my favorite anime a actually. It would be awesome if a vkook anime appear.
I love acchi kochi! Ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship
SophiaDC05 SophiaDC05 Aug 09, 2017
When he said 'you can call me Rap Monster' I remembered Monster By Exo😂 'You can call me monster'
jongtaee jongtaee Jul 16, 2017
i love acchi kocchi <3 it's so aesthetic i just'-- it doesn't even revolve around a plot but i love it <33
ibtthe_kims ibtthe_kims Nov 29, 2017
Am I the only chowder fan in here 👀...... I well i'll be going now bye
Justin_SeagullXD Justin_SeagullXD May 16, 2017
Omg he gives no phuck if we tell Jin he's just like " phuck it tell him I don't care he's adorable as phuck BÏTCH!"