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The Broken Veil

The Broken Veil

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Karebaer By KarenBaer Updated May 12

Sixty-eight years ago a magical barrier of unknown origin fell over the city of Ellendale, sundering the capital and the throne from the rest of the realm. The Sundering has ended and only those of Elite blood can stand trial for the crown. 

Rowan is an Elite of the warrior clan who has spent the last eight years traveling to shut out the pain of a loved one's death. He tries to hide the guilt and grief as he and ten other men - friends, companions, and kin - travel the capital for Rowan to take the Trials and possibly be elected as King. 

With him is Arryk, a mixed blooded member oft he clan of healers and scholars, who travels with Rowan as his friend, advisor, and healer. 

Rowan and Arryk seek out and enlists Brynd, Rowan's lost cousin, to help them cross the massive desert wasteland cutting through the middle of the continent. A young man with a smart mouth and a talent for moving through the shadows, Brynd is grateful for the opportunity to untangle himself from the web of thievery he fell into to survive. 

Kivrin is a young woman who fled her foster home and has spent two years in the West wandering on her own. She barely survived her first crossing of the mountains and joins Rowan's company in disguise, trying to return to the East and find her true family and clan origins.

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