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The Alphas Daughter (RE-WRITING)

The Alphas Daughter (RE-WRITING)

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DAKOTA By _erato Updated 3 days ago

He would never love her. Want her. Or need her. 
Althea Williams definition of 'normal' is a lot different to others. To her, normal is being bullied by your older sister. Normal is also being bullied by the rest of her pack despite her status as the Alphas daughter. Having no loyal friends to protect her, no self confidence, and her father blind to the abuse, she believe the one person she can seek refuge in will be her mate. When she collides with Dante Harris, he's everything she's ever looked for in a mate. But the feelings are only one sided - he rejects her. 
With a heavy, aching heart she moves to Boston where she seeks solace from her mother and brother. And there, she learns the truth about her family's past and present. Two years pass, and she returns to Big Sur. But she's different to the Althea Williams her pack used to know. She's confident and won't hesitate to stand up for herself and others. 
Follow Thea on her story of deception and love. Will she be able to forget her past, and possibly forgive the mate and pack who need her? And most importantly, will she be able to face the betrayal that lies ahead?

bassplayer69 bassplayer69 Sep 03, 2016
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readerofinvinity readerofinvinity Mar 24, 2016
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little-angel1620 little-angel1620 Jul 07, 2016
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readerofinvinity readerofinvinity Mar 24, 2016
What if she had acne on her fire head and she got mad and he was link ' my bad acne' but in like a husky type voice
xxXXIceQueenXXxx xxXXIceQueenXXxx Mar 06, 2016
To be honest I don't see why anyone here should take that as an offensive term, you're curvy girl, rock it
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Apr 22, 2016
Have you looked in the mirror, skinny bish? Boys love curves, and the only curve I'm worried about is the smile on my face. Let's both hope I don't punch yours off your face.