Roomies•3 in 1•Yoonmin/Jinkook/Vhope•

Roomies•3 in 1•Yoonmin/Jinkook/Vhope•

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Read this even if you only like one couple up above because you can always skip the chapter that has to do with the couple you don't like~

In which three couples who are friends with each other all live in the same apartment complex in rooms around each other.
Three separate stories for each couple.
Yoonmin: In which the couple were already dating until the younger got amnesia due to the older being an abusive drunk, will that incident change Yoongi's behavior?
Jinkook: A high school student needing an apartment so the college student let's him in and the two get closer.
Vhope: The red haired boy wants revenge on his roommate who took his favorite video game system and destroyed it on accident.

Don't worry, Namjoon will be friends with them and he'll be with Jackson~

Myarmybts Myarmybts Jan 06
Just love the tag already!  Vhope, Jinkook, Yoonmin r my fav otp !!!
AtLeastIHaveJams AtLeastIHaveJams Aug 14, 2016
Dear God :( lets tie Yoongi and banish him to the corner till he's sober