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Sequel to Cold.

Highest Rank : #11 in Werewolf Category.

After Alarick's past is revealed, Chriselda and Alarick find themselves at an awkward phase in their relationship with no idea where their relationship is heading. They try to work on their relationship unaware of the secrets ahead and the forces craving for revenge. 

Will they finally become one before the forces tear them apart?

I think the ending was great, I mean it wasn't that ordinary ending but it was a ending for them and it just was so great
awrigh6294 awrigh6294 May 23
You should add some more detail fix errors and enter it into a national competition
gods-dam-persassy gods-dam-persassy Nov 27, 2016
"Now let me change, have you any manners? I swear you needed to train a few minutes ago!" I threw a pillow at his face as he growled and slammed the door. 
                              After I changed I opened the door to see Anne, Charles, and Daniel silently giggling.
                              Oh lord.
Nirvorna Nirvorna Nov 08, 2016
I love how your books ends actually. Books these days are pretty cliche.
The story you made was mind blowing and I m really Impressed,  keep writing stories you inspired me to pursue to finished what I've  stop which is writing stories.
-lemonlove- -lemonlove- Oct 28, 2016
Hey , I just read cold and ..I wanted to say that no matter what I loved cold ..I felt it more realistic that way..so keep doing what you are doing..cheers to the new beginnings 👏🏼👏🏼 🍻