The Bad Boy Inside The Fairy Suit ✔ [COMPLETED]

The Bad Boy Inside The Fairy Suit ✔ [COMPLETED]

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Kryzel Jhae By CrazyIsTheNewAwesome Completed

"Are you seriously going to wear that for this job?" I gawked at him.

"What?" He asked, wiggling his fairy wings, "It's not that bad." He winked at me, "Don't I look gorgeous."

"Nope." I shook my head, "Not even close."

"LET YOUR SPIRIT FLY!" He grinned, "With these fairy dust!" And with that, he sprinkled sparkly glitters all over me.


Charlie has to work so he can he continue and pamper his girlfriend. -so what's the problem?  

He doesn't have any special skills or talent for him to land a job. 

So Charlie begs Vanchel, his best friend, to help him. 

With no choice, she gave him the "Special Job".

So now -with enthusiasm, sarcasm and perseverance- Charlie is now known as the bad boy inside the fairy suit.

●Book 3 in The Suit series● {by the way, the books in the series could be stand alone books}

Highest ranking #44 in #Humor - 9/19/16

~~~copyright 2016 - 2016 Kryzel Jhae~~~

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eatingsyrup eatingsyrup Dec 30, 2017
You could get a rock for me and I’d still cry tears of joy
xxRagingRubiesxx xxRagingRubiesxx Sep 13, 2017
I already love this book so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
                              You can give me a penny and I'll treasure it forever
LowkeyLaufeyson LowkeyLaufeyson Dec 28, 2017
Twist two strings make bunny ears cross two bunny ears pull knot again
-kelscal -kelscal Jun 24, 2017
Make a knot, then make bunny ears and loop one over and pull it through the hole, it's made.
-kelscal -kelscal Jul 15, 2017
'And she sees the p's we mash, and she asked to buy her shoes. Shít den' 
                                         -Zone 2, no hook