MY FOREIGN ALPHA(completed story)

MY FOREIGN ALPHA(completed story)

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(Warning contain matured scene)

Tall dark and handsome is the first definition girls everywhere in Seville, Spain define the Alpha of PAQUETE DE LUNA ROJA ( or Red Moon Pack)
But aside from that he is also known as a scary brutal alpha everyone bow and respected.
He has everything he ever wanted..
But one thing is missing 
His Mate....
His been looking traveling everywhere in the world to find her but she's nowhere to be found...
As many years past by .....
now his turning seventy five but because wolfs age different  from normal human being he look only  a guy in his early thirty....
Holding from the edge of patience and longing to be with his mate, he promise once he find her, he will never let her go either she like it or not....

Tears flow in my eyes,it hurts that he forced himself to me.
When I met his blue orbs, I whispers words " I hate you..!" To him.
Then I collapsed but luckily I didn't fall on the ground because his still gripping both of my   Shoulder...

A smirk form in his lips..
"You will regret that words tonight Romana.."he said in his husky voice before ravishing my lips...
It was so rough that I could taste my own blood...
I wanted to protest but the fire ignites in my body,
yearning more for his touch and I can't fight it..

narcedit321 narcedit321 Jan 02
Don't say that to a Spaniard we tend to ahem get really pissed off
narcedit321 narcedit321 Jan 02
Si me gustas muncho ,papi😉 pregunta tu me quieres oh no? 😊 
                              Lol am weird
narcedit321 narcedit321 Jan 02
Yes we are! Territorial and permission needs to be asked like months! 
                              Well I see just don't cause wars well just a little bloody battle OK war just ask permission next time
narcedit321 narcedit321 Jan 02
No sabia que las  gringas Les molestaba el lenguage Española oh españiol 
                              Girl get over with it learn Spanish is also a language that most people want to learn