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Bad boy Pisses off the Lone good girl

Bad boy Pisses off the Lone good girl

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Blue By Blue_eyes1991 Completed

I put my head phones in and blast my music because i have already learnt about what he's teaching us so i just tune out and lay me head on my arms dozing off.




I growl at the thing thats has woken me up i look up and stare into grey eyes "What do you want" i growl he looks shocked at my out burst, He cant expect me to be all sun shines and rainbows when being woken up by him poking me can he i mean how dumb is he.

"You in my spot" he states with a smirk, his spot? who the hell has a spot in class yet alone a particular class thats dumb. 

What happens when Ryan Peters pisses off the Lone girl Angie bells the only person who dosent know who he is and dosent care

parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Jun 06
Commas are my only friends, it appears they won't be joining me fore a while. Nor will my brothers Question Mark, and Capitalization.
😂😂😂😂 I wish I could be rebellious enough to do that
Not true!! You guys could still be friends when you're out of school
Same like literally last Friday I borrowed 7 books from the library at a go. My friends even regret recommending wattpad to me. 😂😂😂
Same,would sit there all day and get lost in a book like that , and never be bored 💞
Caspianv Caspianv Jan 01
                              Patch from 'Hush Hush'  calls Nora Angle all the time and it's funny because he's a fallen Angle.