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S T A R K.

           ❝SO... YOU'RE THE SPIDERBOY?❞
           ❝AWE, MY GOD, WHAT A CUTE
                   SUPERHERO NAME!❞

           ( completed - 07.10.16 )
           ( © skywalkers- 2016 )
           ( cover by @-reyskywalker )

Bruh you should have her sign off her texts as a... And threaten to expose all the time..m
probonos probonos Feb 07
About to re read this bc I never finished it in the first place and I'm probably gonna see my old comments and cringe
hollandsfIash hollandsfIash Dec 16, 2016
I sweat you're psychic or something, because now they're both in talks to be the leads in an Indie film called Chaos Walking!
Graycelyn1234 Graycelyn1234 Dec 04, 2016
How do you find out ranking ? I've always wondered that. Congrats btw!
Yeah. Hot too. And sexy. And adorable. And loveable. And kissable. And- in getting off track BUT WHO CARES AMIRIGHT
I'm so happy that she's got a good relationship with Tony. Most fics like this don't do that